Roles and Privileges

Roles and Privileges for Enterprise and Google AppEngine

Dashboard – Data Statistics

Dashboard for complex Analytics Application

Mesos, Chronos, and Marathon

Meos - Democritazion of builds and save money

Error Management

Error Management to handle total jobs exceeding a few thousand

Parking Application SAAS

Moogilu .Net implementation of parking service on Amazon and

Pos Integration

Moogilu has integrated wide variety of POS for its customers.

Email Marketing

Moogilu has the ability to host, customize, and maintain Email Marketing based on PhpList.

Healthcare Compliance

Moogilu designed and built Healthcare Compliance Rules Engine. Any billing to medical has to comply with complex rules.

Healthcare Portal

Moogilu designed and build the portal from ground up. Here below are the project specifics:

EDI Code Generation For Healtchare Claims

Moogilu designed, architected, and delivered an Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) encoding and decoding services for Healthcare Claims submission.

Learning System for Restaurant Menu Creation

Moogilu architected, designed, and coded a learning system for online menu creation. The restaurant menu data is fairly complex.

Healthcare Solution

With spiraling costs of healthcare, Moogilu has built Compliance, Billing, Portal, and Analytics applications for our customers to improve productivity and reign in the costs.

Restaurant Marketing Big Data Analytics

Moogilu designed, architected and built Big Data Analytics. There are hundreds of restaurants in the system and they generate a lot of web, social media, and ordering data


Moogilu has built enterprise custom CRM product for its customers.


Moogilu has extensive experience in Capital Markets, Equity, Online Trading, Advisory Services, and Asset (Wealth) Management.