What does Roles And Privs do?

You can control any part of the application with the right privileges.

Easy To Use

Simple Interface and can be integrated within hours.

Cost Effective

We host and support application privileges for literally a few hundred dollars a year.


You data of user priviliges is highly secure within the Google infrstructure.


You can use our API documentation. And there is an FAQ. You can also ask questions on Stack Overlow. And also use our support email: support@moogilu.com

Roles and Privileges for all the applications

Create Roles and Privileges for all the applications. You can control any part of the application for any user with the right privileges.


Every application needs to provide access to users. All users access to application resources are not uniform. Moogilu's roles n privs provides this ability with a few simple APIs. With roles n privs, you can:

1. Create Users
2. Manage Applications
3. Manage Features
4. Manage Permissions

The product is now available on Google Apps Marketplace. In future we hope to provide this product as hosted application with REST API for all application platforms. The application with soon be available on Azure and Openstack.

All the users access can be controlled with fine granularity. With the next release, roles will be added.



Moogilu is both a product development and product consulting company. Roles and Privileges is a business productivity application - the first in our series of application offering. We welcome your feedback and please do not hesitate to contact us!

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