Healthcare Portal

Healthcare Portal

Moogilu healthcare

Moogilu designed and build the portal from ground up.
Here below are the project specifics:

Healthcare Portal

Healthcare Portal includes:

  • Migration of Customer data
  • Migration of Student data
  • 300+ Customers with well over Million data points
  • Migration of CRM data

With Healthcare portal you can:

  • Search for Patients, Students, Customers using scalable search engine
    Example: Search by first name, last name, dob, last treatment
  • Add new customers, students, and other relate date and set their status
  • Single Sign-on to all the other applications supported in the Healthcare Portal
  • Analysis of users usage of portal and segmentation by region, time, and other attributes

Example: Show the busiest time of the day, week, and month

  • Client Client Name
  • Date April 28, 2016
  • Tags Quality Assurance