Moogilu has extensive experience in Capital Markets, Equity, Online Trading, Advisory Services, and Asset (Wealth) Management.

Equity Services

  • Live feed for real time market data
  • Detailed interactive charts
  • Stock portfolio management
  • Market analytics
  • Live market information of all financial isntrments
  • Content management tool to manage dynamic information

Online Trading Service

  • Online trading, order tracking and efficient order queuing
  • Enhanced ticker features and detailed interactive charts
  • Stock portfolio management
  • Buying power watch / monitor
  • Margin Trading
  • Enhanced security features

Asset Management

  • Supports risk/alpha based optimization
  • Powerful tax efficient optimization capabilities
  • Re-balance using gain/loss trading rules
  • Rule-based and Risk-based theory development
  • Advanced reporting for desktop application and web
  • Account management
  • Composite model Support
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  • Date April 28, 2016
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