EDI Code Generation For Healtchare Claims

EDI Code Generation For Healtchare Claims

Moogilu designed, architected, and delivered an Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”) encoding and decoding services for Healthcare Claims submission. Here below are the project specifics:

Healthcare Compliance Rules Engine

Healthcare Compliance Rules Engine includes:

  • Design and Architecture of EDI Claims generation engine in Ruby and Java
  • EDI XML Claims Schema for validation
  • XML Schema Validation/li>
  • EDI Code generation for Claims Submission
  • Decoding EDI signal from the Governement
  • Extensive reporting on encoded and decoded EDI signals
  • Automated QA system to compare EDI signals
  • Automated un-bundling of EDI files from one master files for multiple customers
  • Realtime verification or EDI signal using XML for readability

With EDI encoding and decoding for Claims:

  • Generate EDI Claims Signals from any charge capture system
  • Decode EDI Paid Signals from Government
  • Real-time EDI parsing for readability
  • Extensive EDI signals payment Reporting
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  • Date April 28, 2016
  • Tags Quality Assurance