Dashboard – Data Statistics

Dashboard – Data Statistics

Dashboards are critical to understand the state of the system. It is particularly critical, if your business is Data. Our customer has fairly complex data flow process. The idea of Dashboard is also compression of information – every aspect of the data flow can be visualized. All the vitals that is important to the business was capture.

The visual interface was Angular and the application was written in NodeJS. The dashboard had 20+ queries. All the queries came through Google BigQuery. We reduced costs on BigQuery by building aggregate tables. Aggregate tables reduce the cost of I/O, and hence the costs. This is mainly because we are using a smaller dataset.

The dashboard provided daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual statisitcs. And also provided filtering by 4 different dimensions along with location.

And the dataset can be exported for analysis. And reports could be generated too. Though reporting is not part of a dashboard, we were able to squeeze this function without  affecting the visual appeal and usability of the application.

  • Date July 16, 2016
  • Tags Enterprise Software