Embedded Services

Embedded software plays a central role in intelligent device manufacturers’ go-to market strategy. All  verticals – healthcare, automobile, industrial automation, consumer electronics etc. need embedded software to enhance and enable the device. The embedded software development is plagued with cost overruns for the devices are varied, complex development, and debugging environments.

Our engineers have a depth of experience in a variety of embedded technologies. Moogilu provides end-to-end embedded software product development from concept, product design, testing, and support. All our engineers have 7+ years experience and have experience with 4+ embedded product life cycle experience.

We also provide prototyping and porting services. Our engineers are available in-house as and when required anywhere around the world. We will be your extended embedded software development partner.

We have worked for well known Japanese and Korean Companies, and now plan to extend to North American and European markets.. Our consultants can either work remotely or work on customer premises.

Product Engineering Services

  • Software and Firmware Services
  • Porting Services
  • Prototyping Services
  • API Development

Software and Firmware Services

Our services include:

  • Device Driver Development for USB 2.0, Windows, Linux, Printers, Cameras
  • Device Driver for for image processing chip ( 12C, SP1, RTC, UART, EEPROM, FRAM, SRAM)
  • Memory Manager for multi-core image handling and color-processing of printers
  • File System Drivers and Management
  • LBP Printer Engine Controller
  • Resources Manager for image handling and color-processing system of printers
  • Linux device driver development (PCle, GPIO, i2C, spi, RTC)
  • Transportation Engine (Motor, FAN Control)
  • Embedded Database
  • Power Control
  • Protocol Implementation (HTTP, WebDAV, BMLinkS)
  • Firmware Development of control board
  • HDMI Driver Development
  • AF (lens control) Development
  • LCD serial communication
  • PTP development

Our recent projects include driver and firmware development for: DC motors and Stepping motors, DSLR compact digital camera, Printers, Network Camera

Porting Services

We can port an existing embedded system to different OS and device type. We have expertise on a wide variety of device types, toolkits, and RTOS.

API Development

Our team can design and develop API over existing embedded systems. The APIs are tested for scaling, security, performance, and correctness. The API design is done with a minimalistic approach that solves the fundamental needs of the application programmer.


Processor Architectures

  • ARM(9,11,Cortex A9, M3, 64),, Intel (x86-32, 64, H8S), AVR, PIC
  • H8-300H, PPC603, MIPX (TX49/Tx99,gCore)
  • Renesas(H8,SH2, SH4, RX, RX71M, 78K0R), Tegra Power PC, IA

Operating Systems

  • Unix, Linux (Raspbian, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu),
  • Windows (XP,7,8,10),, MT-Kernel

Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

  • VxWorks, ITRON based RTOS