About Us

Who We Are?

Moogilu was founded to help customers build great software products and support the products. We provide an efficient way to build products.

Our firm is a boutique consulting company that hires the best talent throughout the world. We follow a unique approach to product development – teams are distributed, bring right talent anywhere in the world, and develop talent to solve complex problems.

Our consultants have depth of experience and our approach to hiring is consistent wherever they are hired. We have the ability to bring new talent and bring them to speed. This is based on out systematic approach to product, software, and people development.

We pride ourselves in being deeply technical and also have the soft skills and emotional intelligence to help and work with our customers as partners.

What We Do?

We help our customers build products. For every engagement, we build dynamic teams that are dedicated to the project. The teams are distributed and have deep expertise on all aspects of the product.

We follow a unique approach to build products. The traditional approach to product development headed by product managers without deep expertise in technology is difficult at best and results in uneven results.

At Moogilu we have changed the approach to include Architects from all disciplines, domain experts, and business to work together to define product and follow through the process and product development everyday till completion. With multiplicity of views, immediate feedback, deep technology expertise, and continuous development, we are successful building great products. Since we also host and support, we understand the deployment and support issues.

Our Values

Customer trust is extremely important for we built Products that can make or break the Company. We earn our customer trust by:

  • Hiring the best talent who care about the customer
  • Social Capital and Emotional Intelligence
  • Guard the client IP and the product
  • Communicate truthfully even if it hurts our own business
  • We will take Product development only if we understand the risks and have the ability to host and support the customer

Why Choose Us?

We are your trusted technology and sourcing partner.

Moogilu has technology depth and skills, aligned with customer goals, and ethical. We are committed to the success of our customers. Our process to deliver products are optimized to reduce risk and deliver our services on time and budget.

Our Technology Depth and Skills are our Strengths

Our team has planned, built and managed a variety of products (and we’ve even patented some it!). We know that our customer’s products are critical to their business – and we are here to apply our knowledge and skills to help them achieve their goals.

Complex System view of products

A product or any endeavor is viewed as a complex system. To understand the behavior of any complex system, it is necessary to understand the system holistically – experts from all disciplines work together collaboratively to understand, design, and solve problems.

Exceptional service

We are a services company and customer satisfaction is the reason we are in business. We pride ourselves in going beyond the normal call of duty to meet customer’s high expectations. Customers have total visibility in the project, delivery and unexpected issues that may arise and we are extremely flexible in our hours of availability.

Extraordinary Talent, Dedication, and Commitment

Every Moogilu engineer, developer and product manager are hired for their talent, love of their art, and ability to work as a team. And most important, they should care about helping our customers.

Our teams are our Moogilu family and when they work on your project, they become part of your team – a good fit is imperative to your project outcomes.

We are Product Specialists

Product development, including Custom Software Development, Mobile Computing, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Hosting, is extraordinarily complicated. We simplify it with thorough planning, insightful architecture and phased development.

We understand and mitigate risks at every stage – this helps customers stay competitive in the dynamic marketplace of products and services.

We are Sourcing Specialists

In the world of high tech, talent is extremely difficult to find. And it distributed all around the world. Moogilu has the ability to attract and retain talented engineers throughout the world.

Meet Our Team

Jagadish Channagiri
Jagadish is the technical visionary on the team. He has 20+ years’ experience as a Technology Executive, developer and entrepreneur. Prior to Moogilu, he was the VP Engineering/Operations at Bittorrent and led the team that developed the Bittorent Clients and Infrastructure.

He pioneered local search at GeoTouch where he was the CTO and VP Engineering and led large teams and strategies as a senior executive and engineer at Intel, AMD, Oracle, and Mentor Graphics.

As an entrepreneur he founded Powdeal – an Integrated Retail Marketing Platform on Web, Social media, and Mobile.

Riad has been involved in a string of technology startups in the Silicon Valley as founder and key executive. His areas of expertise are in mobile communications, internet eco-system, ad network and artificial intelligence. Earlier, he held senior engineering and business roles, and consulted with lead organizations in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He holds two Engineering degrees and a Master degree, a Doctorate and Post-doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Paris, and the University of California, Berkeley (all with highest honors) and completed the Executive Education in Business at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Kevin Jones
Kevin has been a Manufacturer’s Representative in Silicon Valley since 1983 selling development, design, and manufacturing services to start-ups’ through Fortune 100 customers across all technology sectors. He holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Southern California.