What we do?

We are your trusted technology and hosting partner.

Moogilu builds products for customers – Embedded Systems, IoT Systems, Big Data, Cloud hosting, Product and Software Development, Mobile Computing, and Augmented Reality. We build a product from concept all the way to product architecture, coding, deployment, testing, hosting, and support.

Embedded Services

Embedded software plays a central role in intelligent device manufacturers’ go-to market strategy. All verticals – healthcare, automobile, industrial automation, consumer ..
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IoT Services

IoT is a transformational technology that has made inroads to all aspects of modern life. We have developed deep expertise in this area.Take a Tour

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augment Reality (“AR”) has become a reality with development of software tools, hardware and  wide adoption by user and some of the industries. It has the potential to be ubiquitous in almost all verticals…
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Product Development

To build products, an understanding of the domain, technology, and market needs are important. Domain expertise can come from customers or Moogilu’s domain experts…
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Enterprise and Web Software Development

Moogilu has built a variety of Web, Mobile, and Enterprise products. Product and Software are complex systems…Take a Tour

Mobile Computing

There are more mobile users than desktop users. And more digital time is spent on smartphones and tablets. This is not surprising, but mobile adoption…Take a Tour

Cloud Computing and Hosting

Capital investment was a huge problem for younger companies for it was almost impossible to predict the demand. Every company had to build its ow infrastructure for product delivery…Take a Tour


In the past there were silos of development teams and operations teams. The communication was minimal. And the product deployment was handed over to the Ops team…Take a Tour

Big Data and Analytics

With the advent of large data sets, the traditional databases could not handle the load. The scale out factor increased from thousands to millions of concurrent connections…
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We are passionate about helping our customers succeed by providing the right talent, building and supporting their product.

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